Tabletop 3D Photoacoustic / Fluorescence Imaging Platform for Biomedical Research (PAFT)

The system is designed for high throughput imaging of small animal biomedical models (mice and rats). It fits on a standard lab bench. Light-tight, interlocked enclosure allows for safe operation without the need for laser safety equipment while the status of the scanned live object can be monitored using the built in camera. The system can be customized and is available in the following configurations:​​

  • Photoacoustic/ Fluorescence Imager
  • Photoacoustic/ Fluorescence with tunable OPO

96-Channel Amplified Data Aquisition System

96-channel Amplified Data Acquisition (ADAQ-96) system

The DAQ system offers cost effective multi-channel data acquisition in a small footprint. Key features include noise reducing variable gain amplifier (patent pending), low power consumption and small size. Pre-amplifier can be modified per customers request.

Main specifications:
  • 96 channels
  • 12-bit precision parallel acquisition
  • User programmable sampling rate between 2.5 and 31.25 MHz
  • Gain 35-71 dB
  • Bandwidth 100 kHz – 10 MHz
  • Trigger Rate: up to 20 Hz built-in or external
  • Output interface: USB 2.0
  • Input connector: Cannon QLC 260
  • Dimensions 165 x 165 x 60 mm
  • Power 12V 5A​

Detailed specifications of ADAQ-96 —