State of the Art Biomedical Applications of Photoacoustic Imaging

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First Fluorescent Videos Captured with Our Imaging System

First fluorescent videos captured with our imaging system. Both videos show a mouse injected with ICG liposomes. In the left video a mouse is Illuminated with a wavelength where the absorption of ICG is detuned. The right video shows the same mouse illuminated at 760...

PhotoSound Exhibit

PhotoSound will be exhibiting amplifiers, DAQ systems and our new bench top pre-clinical whole body photoacoustic tomography system with a 3D fluorescent imaging add on at the upcoming BIOS Exhibition of the Photonics West Conference in San Francisco California. We...

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First 3D Photoacoustic Images With a Prototype Tabletop Instrument

First 3D photoacoustic images were acquired with a prototype tabletop instrument. A 3D resolution phantom included two intersecting light absorbing polyethylene fibers (150 µm in diameter each). Scan duration – 36 seconds. Reconstructed volume – 10mm x 10mm x 20mm....